Stump Grinding

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Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding | Michael Orzel Tree Services - Northampton, MA

Our company is committed to providing the good people of Northampton, MA with as many professional and convenient outdoor services as possible. Our company was founded right here in Northampton. Northampton is our home as well and of course, we want to make the place we call home as beautiful and attractive as possible. That is why we have incorporated many different services including stump grinding into our list of work. That is why we offer specialty services like snow plowing as well as house lot clearing.

Although we here at Michael Orzel Tree Services mostly work in residential homes, we also provide landscaping services for both residential and commercial properties. We want to be there for you no matter what your needs may be. Our stump grinding service uses high-powered stump grinders to totally dissolve the ugly stumps on your property. Our crew is fully trained to work with these machines and we are a fully licensed and insured stump grinding service.

Take a look at some of the features of our stump grinding service:

● Fast Removal—Stump grinding gets rid of the dead stumps on your property faster than any other stump removal method.

● Comprehensive Service—No matter how large your property is or how many stumps you need taken care of we have the manpower and machinery to accommodate any need.

● Affordability—Our stump grinding services are competitively priced. Shop around, you will see that we are one of the lowest priced stump grinding services in the city.

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